Welcome and thank you for visiting the Southwest Center for Craftsmanship LLC.  School of Fine Woodworking.  We are proud to offer a woodworking curriculum that is structured to meet the needs of the novice woodworker, the hobbyist and the more accomplished woodworker.  The Fine Woodworking Program strives to teach not only woodworking skills, but the concept of craftsmanship.  All of our instructors are “Professional Cabinet Makers” both locally and nationally known. Like us on Facebook.

Below you will find a list of courses that are offered for the 2014 year, beginning on January 6th, 2014.

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We have FIVE Master Classes coming up this spring… Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to work with some of the nations most respected Master Craftsmen. See the Master Class pages for more details

For our prospective students from the North and East and Midwest, come out of the cold and enjoy the sunny Phoenix weather while learning from the best.

(FFW100) Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking I
This class begins with a discussion of the properties of wood.  Students will be introduced to the medium in which they will work in order to gain an understanding of its behavior and the design challenges it presents.  Next a discussion of how wood is sold measured and graded.  This is followed by shop safety… read more
Schedule:  This class is offered:
Jan 6 – 16 and Sept. 8 – 18

(FFW200) Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking II
This class begins where the Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking I left off. This class is more advanced than woodworking I.  The principles taught in Woodworking I are reinforced and built upon in this class.  The class will consist of lectures on more advanced woodworking principles with hands-on exercises for the students to gain experience that will reinforce the principles discussed in the lectures. read more

Schedule:  This class is offered:
Jan 20 - 30 and Sept. 22 – Oct. 2

(FFW300) Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking III
In this class the students will build a small one-drawer table, this course will employ all of the skills of the previous two courses. read more

Schedule:  This class is offered:
Feb 1 - 15 and Oct. 4 – 18

(CM200) Cabinet Making Basics
Make a beautiful cabinet from scratch.  Beginning with rough cut raw wood students will build a cabinet that will lift their skills to the intermediate level.  Although the students will make a beautiful cabinet the main objective of the course is to attain the skill level to make a piece of furniture of this type. read more
Schedule:  This class is offered:
Mar 1 - Mar 7

(Fin100) Fundamentals of Fine Finishing I
Finishing is a complex skill.  Some even call it an art.  You can take a perfectly good piece and ruin it with a bad finish conversely a mediocre piece can be redeemed with a good finish.  In this class we will explore finishes that can be produced by the novice woodworker.  read more…
Schedule:  This class is offered:
Feb 17 - Feb. 27

(Fin200) Fundamentals of Fine Finishing II

This course is more advanced than (Fin100) in this class we will reinforce the principle and begin to add more complex finishes and techniques.  Mixing stains, use of dyes and repairs will be explores.  read more…

(Fin300) Fundamentals of Fine Finishing III
This is the advanced finishing course.  In this class we will delve more into color, making custom stains and color matching.  More on spray gun techniques and multi layer finishes. read more…

 (CDFK200) Make a Three Drawer Chest with Frank Klausz. Master Class
Make a chest of drawer with Master Craftsman, Frank Klausz. This will be an intensive 48 hour class.  The chest will have three dovetailed drawers, bracket feet, sides dovetailed into the bottom.  The student must have some basic hand and machine skills. read more
Schedule:  This class is offered:
Apr. 5 –  10 - 15

(VnrPS200) Modern Veneering and Marquetry (with Paul Schurch) Master Class
Veneer selection and handling techniques. Learn about which veneering substrates are the best Selecting the best glues for veneer Cold pressing, PVA, poly and urea glues Traditional hammer veneering techniques Veneering on irregular surfaces and edges Using vacuum technology for veneering,  Veneering curved and flat panels Incorporating veneering into furniture designs. read more
Schedule:  This class is offered:
Apr. 23- 27

(FDPS200) Furniture Design (with Paul Schurch) Master Class
This is a two day class where Paul will take you through his design process.  This will include design principles and the method he uses to create his unique and stunning designs.  Do not miss this class, first come, first served. read more
Schedule:  This class is offered:
Apr. 28-29

(TblMF) Design and build tables with Michael Fortune Master Class
A table can be everything from a practical working surface to a piece of functional sculpture.  In this class we’ll cover basic table construction all the way to investigating unusual sources for creative inspiration such as puzzles, animal forms, architecture and the lesser known styles throughout the 6000 year history of furniture.  We’ll analyze ergonomics, structure, wood selection and finishes.  Students will be encouraged to incorporate veneer, inlay, wood forming techniques and woodturning.  read more
Schedule:  This class is offered:
May 16 – 20

 (Deco200) Decorative details with Michael Fortune Master Class
Simple, fast, and easy are adjectives rarely used to describe woodworking, but the techniques that students learn during this workshop are just that. During this workshop, Michael will demonstrate a wide variety of detail techniques that can be incorporated into your furniture to enhance and compliment the overall design. How to design and add decorative feet to tables, chairs, and cabinets will be included, as will several techniques to inlay contrasting woods, precious metals, and colored epoxies. read more
Schedule:  This class is offered:
May 21 – 22

(WB300)) Build a Classic Workbench
The most fundamental tool in any woodshop is the workbench.  A good woodworkers bench must be stable sturdy and heavy.  In this class the students will have the choice of one of two designs, a Stiener Classic bench or a Roubo bench.  read more…

(Crv100) Introduction to Carving
This class is designed to be an introduction to basic carving skills and would be perfect for any furniture maker who wants to take his or her work to the next level. Janet will introduce students to the design process and ways to embellish your furniture read more… 

(Crv200) Intermediate Carving
This class will go over a variety of classical relief woodcarving techniques and designs. The projects will include the technique of using the v-chisel to do the majority of outlining and defining designs. read more…

(JF200) Jigs and Fixtures
In this class we will discuss the uses of jigs and fixtures.  Two approaches will be explored, jigs that are temporary and jigs designed for continued use. Several material for jig construction will be introduced.  read more…

(RR300) Furniture repair and restoration
There is a difference between Furniture Restoration and Repair.  We will delve into both diciplines. read more…

(WS100) Workshop setup
In this course we will be covering how to set up the small workshop. This course is designed for the beginning woodworker hobbyist who is thinking of setting a wookshop.  read more…

(FD200) Furniture Design , Rectilinear
This class introduces the basic principles of furniture design.

(FD300) Furniture Design , Angles and Curves

(FD400) Furniture Design , Advanced

(Mold300) Moldings Linear and Curved

(Str300) Stringing

(FFW123) Fundamentals of Fine Woodworking Intensive

(CAD100) Sketch-up Basic

(CAD200) Sketch-up Advanced

(WB200) Wood Bending with Michael Fortune Master Class

(EdgeMF200) Curved and Straight Waterfall Edges Master Class

(Inlay200) Introduction to Inlay

(Inlay300) Advanced Inlay

Thank you for your interest in the Southwest Center for Craftsmanship.

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